Saint-Estèphe Ormes de Pez

Saint-Estèphe Ormes de Pez


You will find in this Saint-Estèphe wine the sensual pleasure, the spices, the...

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Saint-Estèphe wines from Ormes de Pez are powerful yet characterised by their harmonious structure. They are indulgent, pleasurable and combine a smooth, fleshy texture with the distinctive elegance of a Saint-Estèphe.

Made using the traditional grape varieties, these wines are rich, full-bodied and generous. They are made of predominantly Cabernet Sauvignon and complemented by a significant amount of Merlot for a combination of longevity and smoothness. The resulting wines are rich and fruity with a rather imposing tannic backbone. They are seductive in their youth and develop their finesse after a few years of bottle age.

A powerful and distinctive Saint-Estèphe
Château Les Ormes de Pez is a harmonious, spicy and distinctive wine that reveals the authenticity of its terroir in the Saint-Estèphe appellation. It will charm you with its opulence, elegance and well-rounded structure. The palate offers robust tannins whilst retaining a smooth, fleshy side.

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